General issues
I am a businessman. I do not have salary slips. Please advise.
You would need to produce the business registration certificate of your company and provide information on the business activity, business paid-up capital, business turnover and the audited accounts of the company. You will also need to produce documents to show proof of shareholding in the company. If you are in a partnership, you will have to produce a letter from the company, which states your position and remuneration in the company. This letter has to be signed by another partner in your company.
I am a businessman. Do I need to submit my individual income tax return or my company's tax returns?
If you are the sole owner of the company, you can submit the company's tax returns. However, if you are a partner of the company, you would need to let us have your personal tax returns. Basically, you need to produce official documents to substantiate the income, which you have declared in your application.

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