Whether you are a mid-career executive contemplating a career change, a fresh graduate seeking career directions, or a high school student deciding on your choice of tertiary education, you may come to us for personalised career and education counselling. Our team of career consultants will work with you to evaluate your own strengths, personality traits, interests and attributes to identify suitable career or education options. We will also advise you on future employment trends, and the steps you could take to enhance your opportunities for career success.

We organise regular seminars and talks on topical HR and employment issues which are close to the hearts of most working individuals. The topics covered include

  • How to look for a job

  • How to get an interview

  • How to "sell yourself" yourself during the interview

  • Resume and cover letter-writing techniques

  • Attitudes on the job for career success

  • How to keep yourself employable for life
  • Drop us an email at enquiry@smcmc.com . We will be glad to tell you more.


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